Background: I have been involved with photography for over 30 years, with 20 years of professional experience and skills, in a variety of aspects. Despite this strong background, I still believe I am a "work in progress" - I have no desire to sit down and rest on my laurels - I now probably expose more original images consistently, than I ever did with just film, and I'm still exploring what's possible, continually exercising and stretching my visual experience. That's where the "fun" of this image-making medium is, right?
* Formats - 35mm (30+ years), 2 1/4 square (25+ years), digital (9+ years), 4x5 (on-and-off).
* Experience - photographer, assistant (lighting, sets, camera, logistics), instructor (classroom, field, workshops), writer/editor.
* Styles/Genres - portrait, fashion & figure (studio & location); landscapes, cityscapes; night imagery, b&w infrared (35mm, 2 1/4, digital); and expressive interpretations/impressions.
Photography remains a strong passion - even with this long tenure. Pushing my own visual creativity into different areas and expanding my own expressiveness further is a strong goal, to keep ME inspired and jazzed about this.

Revisiting my personal 'artist statement' --
We evolve.. we're supposed to...some things rework themselves within our outlooks, like old ideas we once found that we can't completely shake free from, even decades after-the-fact - like good strong thread weaving through the fabric of our life. My relationship with a camera is one of those for me. It grew upon me some 35+ years ago...
At times, it's been a key source of helping pay for a roof, for food, for clothes, and taxes.
At times, it's been a foundation for conveying instruction of technique, aesthetics, and passion to others.
At times, it's played the part as 'self-therapist' as an escape from work and other stresses.
At times, it's been a wonderfully inspiring, and inspired, avenue for personal and artistic expression.
...Still, the damn thing can't be stuffed away for any great length of time, without the wanting to go out, to explore the world, then to reach for some manner of "interpreting" what I find visually interesting.

My personal interest - excitement - of the art and craft of photography isn't confined to one style, one field of pursuit, one way of seeing the world...one means of expression Then again, my own personal interest in seeing the world runs a gamut from landscapes that explore nature, to cityscapes that find the little scenes in big cities and small towns, to night imagery in the absence of daylight, to the focus on 'people' with artists or musicians, or model-involved portraiture or figure study; from straight color photo-realism to sometimes surreal monotone photo-impressions that come closer to how I feel of an environment. It gets down the "wanting of" to exploring the realm, and "seeing the light" where awareness gained through one particular style can easily carry over into another genre. It's a matter of the play of light and shadow...that's what the camera sees...that's it's only function. Not to think. Not to know what I want. It's an idiot. It's a tool.

For model-involved photography, I appreciate someone possessing the gift of life, with the self-confident passion to express it, and the desire to bring other aspects of their creative background - dance, music, theater/drama, art/photography, etc. - out to convey a mood, to find an inspiration, or explore a concept. I appreciate the gifts of spontaneous improvisation and of imagination in building a collaborative rapport. I like to be inspired, jazzed about the collaboration. If we can't come up with something unique for a portfolio that stands out or stands apart from the rest of the photos, then there's something missing in the rapport...simply adding "just another empty pretty picture" isn't strong reason enough to schedule a photoshoot.


July 2, 2011<br />
Ano Nuevo State Park<br />
wind blown grasses